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Elite Pass holders have access to elite missions that give more points and additional rewards for each rank. The system is similar to “Fortnite’s” Battle Pass, which is currently in its fourth season. The immediate success of the Royale Pass is also affecting “PUBG Mobile’s” revenue ranking

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The Event Pass can be levelled up throughout a Season by playing games and completing missions, and the further you progress, the more rewards you unlock. Right now, the Event Pass is priced at Rs.800.

We are providing the Royal Pass in just Half Price in Rs.500 only.

Grab one of these passes and you’ll unlock a seasonal progression system that’ll reward you with all sorts of items as you play the game. Here’s what you need to know: Royale Points and Missions. When you play PUBG Mobile you’ll be in with a chance of earning Royale Points or RP.

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