Call Of Duty Mobile Global Release Date Announced

It is unknown if the mobile version of Call of Duty could be a big contender to PUBG and Fortnite, however, the amount of effort they put into it cannot be denied.

The biggest first-person shooter franchise is coming to mobile devices very soon, as Call of Duty Mobile’s release date has been announced. The game is going to be released on October 1 on both Android and iOS.

Call of Duty Mobile would have a 100 players battle royale mode

Call of Duty Mobile actually has a lot of contents right from the start, which is rather unusual for a free to play mobile game.

The game features the usual Call of Duty multiplayer experience, with all the fan-favorite weapons, maps, and modes ported from both Modern Warfare and Black Ops.

The brightest point of it, however, is the battle royale mode which can support up to 100 players. The map for the game mode is a hybrid – made from a combination of previous locations in older Call of Duty games.

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Customize your loadout with various guns and gears

The Battle Royale mode would have functions assimilated from other popular games on the market. In this game, the player would also be able to explore the map using vehicles, find matches in solos, duos or squads… etc. However, the game also has a class system to at least differentiate itself from the common rabble.

Call Of Duty Mobile Beta
Famous maps from the previous Call of Duty games come back

This game isn’t the first time Activision try to bring the Call of Duty name to handheld devices, however, this is their strongest attempt.

This game is unlikely to be as popular as the upcoming Modern Warfare reboot, however, as the franchise is widely recognized around the world – a lot of people are going to check it out. The game would also follow the usual mobile games procedure, with live updates and microtransactions.

There would also be Battle Passes, just like what other games did. Below is a video for the gameplay of the battle royale mode.

The October 1 release of Call of Duty Mobile is probably planned so that it would come clear of the Modern Warfare reboot’s release. It is unlikely that Call of Duty Mobile would be able to surpass its PC counterparts, however, there is definitely a place for it in the Handheld FPS market.

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