Why you should be wary of your US visa application

A recent article in the New York Times called on people to be cautious when applying for US visas.

The article quoted a spokesperson for the US Embassy in India who explained that “the visa process is complex, and we cannot guarantee the validity of a visa application, even if you have submitted all required documentation.

The Embassy is aware of the complexity of the visa application process and we are working to address this.”

The spokesperson continued: “We are also working with visa officers in India to address visa-issuing agencies’ concerns about visa applicants with a high degree of uncertainty about their eligibility for a visa, and for that reason we have asked for a review of visa eligibility from agencies across India.”

In the article, the spokesperson added that the US Government is working to “address this issue” by implementing a new process.

But while the spokesperson said that the new process would be implemented by the end of 2017, the visa office in India told the National Review that “it is a process which is yet to be implemented.”

While the spokesperson did not provide any additional details on how the process would work, the Indian visa office told the newspaper that the process has already been in place for “years,” and it is expected to be “in place” by the middle of 2018.

The Indian visa offices spokesperson also told the paper that the visa process in India is “still in its infancy,” and that the Indian Government “is taking the necessary steps to address any visa-related issues” as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration is considering extending an extension to the existing visa application processing time for an additional 90 days, as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently reported that it will extend its processing time on an interim basis, to January 1, 2021.