Business Insider: ‘The next wave of AI will bring a new dimension to work and a whole new level of automation’

Business Insider – 5 application from an industry that already delivers great value for money.In a bid to capture a bigger share of the market and capture the attention of investors, a new company called Sentri has created a new […]

Dunkin Donuts to close its Dunkin’ Donuts locations in Atlanta and New York after a major food safety breach

CNN Food is reporting that Dunkin donut chains Dunkin Brands LLC and Dunkin Enterprises LLC have reached an agreement with the city of Atlanta to close their DunkinDonuts, Dickey Donuts and Dickey’s locations in the metro Atlanta area.The agreement will […]

How will the Rutgers application deadline affect the medical school application deadline?

The application deadline for medical school students has been extended until August 30, 2017.According to the New Jersey Department of Education, applicants will have until the end of August to submit their applications.Applicants can submit their completed application by mail, […]

When you apply for a job, is it fair to pay for food stamp benefits?

Food stamp applications have increased in recent years.Now, it seems they’re being applied for in ways that don’t necessarily provide for the benefits that are offered to those who need them.Now that people can apply online for a food stamp […]