Kroger application for whataburger app

Kroger is looking to get its application for Whataburger’s app into the App Store.

The company’s website says that it “is working on an app to offer customers access to a full-service restaurant experience.”

Whataburgers app will have “a menu selection of all kinds of grilled meats and cheeses, along with a large selection of beverages and specialty items.”

The app will also be available for both Android and iOS devices.

Kroger said in its announcement that the app will launch this summer.

Whataburst app will be launched in the springThe Whataburs app is not yet available for Apple or Android devices, but the company did reveal that it will launch an app in the fall for the Whataburts restaurant menu.

The app’s name is Whataburtons.

The Whatabundys app will feature “a selection of the most popular foods and drinks from around the world, plus an extensive list of recommendations, like the best local beers and wine,” the site says.

WhataBurger application launchedKroger announced that its app will soon be available to Apple and Android devices.

The application will “allow customers to find, order, and pick up their favorite food items like burgers, fries, and salads,” according to a statement.

Whatburger has “launched an app that will be available in the coming months to help customers get the freshest ingredients and the best selection,” the company said.