Baidu’s job search tool has more than 1 million job openings in China

The Baidus Job Search Tool has more job openings than Google’s search tool, according to a new report by the China Labor Watch (CLW).

In fact, there are more job vacancies for Baiduz job search than Google search, with the Baidhu Search Tool with 1.35 million vacancies compared to 1.12 million vacancies for Google.

The CLW also found that Baiduo’s search engine is more effective in attracting job seekers than Google, as its search algorithms are more thorough and accurate than Google.

The CLW said the Baysu Search Tool was better at attracting jobseekers.

The Baidue Search Tool is currently in beta testing and Baidui has not yet announced an official launch date for its job search platform.

However, BaidU is expected to launch in 2019 as a paid service, according TOI.