Snap Inc.’s $10 Billion IPO bid raises eyebrows as the company’s market value drops

The Snap Inc. IPO is the latest in a string of moves by the mobile messaging company to move beyond its core business of selling apps and services, where the company has struggled for years.

The latest move by the company comes as Snap is already losing money and is about to face a $2 billion takeover bid from the Alibaba Group.

The deal is expected to close next week.

“Snap is the most valuable company in the world,” said Andrew Wilson, an analyst at Morningstar.

“Its $10 billion valuation is pretty impressive.”

While Snap has raised more than $100 billion since it was founded in 2012, its share price has plummeted from more than 30 times the IPO price last year to about 8.5 times now.

The company has seen its stock plunge by more than 10% in the past year.

It is now trading at just $11.80, well below its IPO price of $37.

Snap’s market cap has dropped to $20.5 billion.

The stock price has been trending lower since last month, when analysts said they were worried that the company would fall far below the valuation of Facebook Inc., whose value is $5.6 billion.

That could leave Snap in a bind.

While it is valued at more than the $20 billion valuation of Alibaba, the company is not a large enough player in the market to be worth much more than Facebook.

“The question is, will it sell itself too soon?” said John Hargrove, an investor at BTIG, a research firm that specializes in tech and consumer stocks.

“It’s hard to see a scenario where Snap would sell itself in such a hurry.”

Investors also worry that a deal with Alibaba will force Snap to lower its price to lure investors.

The price of Snap’s stock, which trades on the Nasdaq under the symbol SNAP, fell more than 20% in after-hours trading Tuesday, after the company announced its acquisition of the Chinese messaging service WeChat.

Snap has struggled to find new investors.

Earlier this month, the Wall Street Journal reported that it had lost more than a billion dollars in revenue in the last quarter.

The report came after the Snap board cut its forecast for the fourth quarter of this year and raised its goal of $10.5bn.

The deal also comes amid an industry that is awash in apps and messaging services.

Apple Inc., Google Inc., Facebook Inc. and Microsoft Corp. are all making moves to compete with Snapchat.

Snapchat’s market capitalization is more than double Facebook’s, and it is one of the largest mobile messaging companies in the country.

Its shares were down nearly 7% at $38.90 in early trading Tuesday.

The company also announced its third major acquisition of 2017: It will acquire messaging service WhatsApp, a mobile messaging platform that is valued by analysts at $13.5 trillion.

It also acquired video service Vine, which makes videos for Facebook Inc and YouTube Inc. The new acquisitions will increase Snap’s video reach, as well as bolster its ability to tap into its growing mobile app business.

Shares of Snap were up more than 5% in early trade.