How to find a job in the mall’s ‘hollow city’

An unemployed man is trying to find work in the heart of a mall in India.

He was working as a labourer at a furniture shop in the busy, bustling Mall of Asia mall in Bangalore when he was suddenly contacted by the local government to work for them.

His boss, an IT professional, suggested that he apply for a job at the mall. 

“I was working with the same group as him,” said the man, who declined to be identified. 

The man had no idea how to apply for the job.

He was given a questionnaire to fill out.

The questionnaire asked for a few things. 

It asked for his name, address, occupation, the number of hours he worked and the number in which he was employed. 

He also had to provide proof of identification, including his mobile number and the name of the employer.

The person who received the questionnaire said he had no intention of hiring anyone for the role.

He said that his only aim was to get the job, but added that the employer did not want him to take it.

“I didn’t know how to take the job and I didn’t want to,” he said. 

In this video, the unemployed man talks to his supervisor about the job interview process.

The man said he would not be working for them for a long time.

He said the mall was a tough environment for him.

He didn’t like to sit at a desk all day.

“They don’t do anything for me.

They are not interested in me,” he added.

The man is now in the process of applying for a new job at a nearby furniture shop.

He told The Times that he is also looking for an assistant to work at the furniture shop, but has been told that they are already looking for a suitable person for that job. 

‘No one wants to work’In India, where unemployment has been rising, the unemployment rate is high. 

Many of those who are not in the labour force are forced to take jobs. 

At the mall, the workers are forced into jobs that are not particularly pleasant.

They have to sit in queues, and the workers often cannot find the furniture they need. 

A few weeks ago, a man from Kerala told The Hindu newspaper that the employees who were supposed to come on Sundays were only allowed to work on Mondays and Tuesdays.

He had to queue up at 8am and wait for 10 hours in the cold.

The situation is particularly bad at the main branch of the mall that houses food and drinks, which is situated next to the shops.

The workers there are not happy with the way things are going. 

One worker said that he was offered a position at a clothing shop in Bangalore. 

However, the manager did not give him the position he was supposed to. 

After some days, he applied for the position at another clothing shop, and was told that the manager was still looking for him at that branch. 

 He said he was told by the manager that he should apply for that position at the next branch.

“The manager told me to come to Bangalore and work at another branch and I would apply for it at the Mall of India,” he explained.

The unemployed man said that while he has been in the job market for a year, there is not much he can do for the people who have abandoned him. 

If the mall were not so busy, he would be working there, he added, adding that he would like to take a job for them at a different location in Bangalore too.