The Israel army plans to build 1,200 tractors

The Israeli army is planning to build 500 tractors, which could be used in the construction of more than 2,000 houses, the Israel Army said on Tuesday.

The army, which is building a large amount of housing for the countrys people and soldiers in the future, said it would use the tractors to construct housing units, shops and restaurants, as well as to carry out repairs and maintenance on buildings.

The tractors would be used to carry items such as water pumps and electric cables, as they can be easily transported.

The construction of the tractor is expected to begin in 2019, with a construction budget of $1.3 billion, the army said.

It will be built in an area covering 4,400 hectares and is expected for the construction phase to be completed by 2022, it added.

The plan is aimed at filling a gap in the army’s construction capabilities, especially after the collapse of a major air raid in July 2020 that killed three soldiers.

The military said that after the air raid, it began to rebuild its construction capacity and that in the first four months of 2019 it had finished about 1,300 structures, which are now being used in a variety of areas, such as a medical facility, a rehabilitation center and a public transport hub.

It said that it will continue to use the tractor to build the buildings.

The military also plans to improve its roads in the area.

The Israeli army has been building housing units and building roads in areas across the country.

The construction of thousands of units in the West Bank, including the Gaza Strip, has been the subject of intense scrutiny since Israel and Egypt cut ties in November.