$2.5 million in new deals in 2018

Posted by Ars Technic on November 22, 2018 03:16:25It’s not the end of the year, but a new year means new deals, and Ars Technics’ annual list of the biggest tech deals announced in 2018 includes a couple of notable additions.

First up is a $2,500 million investment from Oracle, a massive acquisition for the software giant in the US.

The move comes after Oracle acquired the company that runs the popular Oracle Database and Oracle Open Source Platform (OOPP) software platform.

The deal also marks the largest cash transaction Oracle has made to date, with Oracle paying $1.5 billion for the company.

Oracle also got a $5 million investment, from the UK-based private equity firm Apollo Global Management.

The other big deal of the day is the $1 billion purchase of the Chinese search engine Baidu by Alibaba, which will help the company make inroads in the country.

Baidu is now the number one search engine in China, but its dominance has been waning as Google’s dominance in the market has continued to expand.

In the US, Amazon acquired the video-streaming service Vine for $970 million, bringing its total acquisition fee to $1,150 million.

The acquisition will help Amazon’s video streaming service become the number two on the video streaming market, behind only Netflix.

The big tech deals of the monthIn total, the tech industry’s deals in September brought in a total of $2 billion.

Of those, Apple’s acquisition of Beats Electronics was the largest, with Apple paying $4 billion.

Google bought YouTube for $1 and Amazon bought Amazon’s Prime video-delivery service.

Apple has also gotten the largest deal from Dell, paying $300 million to buy PC maker HP for $9 billion.

Other big tech companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft also received huge deals.

The most significant of these was from Microsoft, which paid $1 in cash and stock for the rights to the Bing search engine.

Microsoft is now used to selling its own software and services, but the Bing acquisition was a rare opportunity to acquire a new technology.

Bing is now a mainstay on the web and in smartphones, but it also runs the Bing Ads platform.

Microsoft has been buying up search engines to make it easier for advertisers to target their ads to consumers and users of other companies’ products.

Microsoft also got $1 million from a group of Chinese tech companies for its research and development efforts.

A $2 million deal with Alibaba was also made, with Alibaba paying $2 to $3 billion for Microsoft.

The biggest deal of September was Microsoft’s acquisition by Google for $2 of its own money.

Microsoft had previously been trying to buy rival search engine DuckDuckGo for around $3.5bn, but Google was interested in getting in on the action.

The deal comes just weeks after Microsoft and Google announced that they would create a new group of partnerships called the “G Suite.”

The new group would work together on new technologies, including new products, and other companies would be able to get in on those deals as well.