Texas Manards, one of the biggest companies in the state, gets approval to offer Medicaid coverage to its employees

Posted September 16, 2018 09:14:38TEXAS (AP)Texas Manards has become one of Texas’ biggest employers by tapping into a health care system that is booming with private employers.

Texas Managers Association, which represents about 10,000 employees, said Friday it had approved an application for a $3.8 billion Medicaid expansion program for health care workers in the Lone Star State.

Manards, which is headquartered in Dallas, said it would hire about 200 workers to help fill the gap created by the federal government’s expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

The expansion includes more than 10 million Texans, many of them working at its large facilities.

The Texas Managers association, a nonprofit group, has been lobbying the state Legislature to provide health care coverage to workers at its three plants and its offices in Dallas and Fort Worth.

The companies have argued that employees should be able to purchase health insurance, a provision of the Affordable Health Care Act, or AHCA.

The government expanded Medicaid coverage in Texas to more than 70 million people in 2020.

State lawmakers in 2019 approved an expansion of the Medicaid program to about 4 million people, but the expansion is still far short of the 2 million who would be eligible for the federal expansion.

The expanded Medicaid program, which covers a broader range of people than the AHCA, will help Texas Manasters provide health insurance to its 1.3 million workers.