How to apply for a Section 8 visa online

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is considering a petition by a woman from Cork seeking to apply online for a permanent residence permit for Ireland.

The woman is seeking to be allowed to stay permanently in the country.

Her application is being reviewed by the Department of Justice, Health, and Equality.

The Department is working on a policy on how to deal with applications from foreign nationals.

The Irish Times is reporting that the Department is considering whether the woman should have a visa application approved online.

In a submission, the woman’s lawyer, John Brennan, said the petition has been submitted for a week and she is waiting for a response.

Ms Brennan said that the woman is a resident of Dublin, where she has been living since 2007 and was brought up and educated in Ireland.

She is currently studying at Trinity College Dublin.

The Department of the Taoiseach said it would have no comment on the petition.

A spokesperson for the Department said: “The department is reviewing the application and will make any further comment at the time of the submission.

The department will provide advice on the status of the petition to the Department.”

Online applications are under consideration in other parts of the country, the spokesperson said.

Online applications from EU citizens are also under consideration.