SS 5 application application granted in NSW

A Queensland woman has had her application for a disability benefit stripped of the necessary information due to a typo.

The application was originally lodged by Ms Zara, who is disabled.

It was then amended after a mistake by the Department of Human Services (DHS) was found.

Ms Zarah’s disability application was stripped of all the information, including whether the person is employed or self-employed, because it contained the word “s.”

Ms Zamara said the mistake was “a total shock”.

“I’ve always been very diligent about my applications,” Ms Zahram said.

“I would have applied if it wasn’t for a typo.”

Ms Zahram, who has a severe cerebral palsy, is a full-time carer and her disability benefit is based on her disability.

“The disability benefits scheme has been very helpful,” she said.

“[They’ve] made a big difference to my life.”

Ms Yellin’s application for disability benefit was also stripped of some of the information because it was not provided with the required information.

Ms Yellsin, who lives in Bairnsdale, was born with cerebral palsys and has had a number of medical treatments.

“This application was made in the wrong name, which is a serious error, and was stripped down to a very small amount of information,” she told and views.

“When I saw the errors I was very upset, I had been hoping for more information.”

Ms Yarra’s application was also reduced from the disability benefits form, which includes a detailed section on the disability’s disability benefits, to the Disability Benefits Information Sheet (DBIIS), which does not include information on employment or self employment.

“It’s a shame because it would have been really helpful,” Ms Yarras said.

The Department of Work and Pensions has issued a statement about the matter.

“DWP are committed to providing a robust and reliable system of disability benefits information, but mistakes can happen,” the statement said.