Petco to allow dual-status visa for pet owners with dual citizenship

Petco will begin allowing dual-citizenship for its pet owners, who will be required to show proof of citizenship to qualify for their pets’ benefits.

The company said Tuesday it will begin issuing dual-resident pets to new pet owners starting Jan. 1.

It will also allow the pets to have both a U.S. passport and a foreign passport.

The new dual-domicile requirements will not apply to pet owners who have already been granted an EB-5 green card, which allows them to bring in a pet for permanent residency.

Pets can be issued dual citizenship by U.C. Davis, the California-based university where Petco is based, or by the U.K. High Court.

But the process is more complex.

Petco’s announcement comes a week after the Department of Homeland Security issued a directive allowing foreign nationals with dual nationalities to apply for green cards without showing proof of their citizenship.

The DHS said it was responding to the request for assistance in determining the most effective means of processing dual national applications.