MTV’s ‘Wedding Season’ to Get a Seasonal Twist on ‘Million Dollar Listing’

MTV’s upcoming season of Wedding Season is expected to have a bigger focus on couples than ever before, but there will still be plenty of love and family in the mix.

“Weddings have always been about the experience, so it’s about having a great time and making new friends, and having that connection with your family,” MTV’s president and CEO, Dave Hollis, told E!


“We know that it’s a great season for everybody.”

This season will also include a brand new, all-star cast, including Will Smith, Jason Segel, Jodie Foster, and Jennifer Lopez, plus some of the network’s most popular stars.

“As a parent, you’re trying to put the best face on your child.

And we want to make sure that we bring out that,” Hollis said.

“But also, we’re really passionate about being the kind of family that everyone loves to watch.”

Hollis also hinted at some big changes for the show’s second season.

“The second season, we are really focused on families and it’s really about building that foundation for families to connect,” Holliss said.

He added that the show will be “more intimate and more intimate-ish” than the first season.

Hollis added that “the first season was about families and the relationship between two families, so the second season is really about how we make the best of that.”

The premiere of the second installment of Wedding season airs Sunday, April 14 at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.