Application for unemployment benefit: Nj Unemployment Application Template

A New Jersey woman is seeking to claim unemployment benefits for a New Jersey company she says helped her apply for unemployment benefits in 2016, The Times-Union reported.

Sue Baca, a member of the New Jersey National Labor Relations Board, is requesting a “probationary period” in an effort to gain the unemployment benefits she is seeking under New Jersey’s state-mandated unemployment insurance program.

She told the newspaper that she was not aware of any other workers being denied unemployment benefits.

Baca said she started applying for unemployment in September 2016 and has been working since then.

Baca said the job she applied for at a construction company in New Brunswick did not offer the types of benefits she was seeking, and that she had received unemployment benefits twice before, but only once under New York state’s unemployment insurance law.

She said she was offered a temporary job and a severance package, but did not receive any.BACA is seeking a probationary period of three years to obtain benefits under the New York-based Workers Compensation Act.

BACA also is asking for the ability to file an amended application if she wants to be considered for benefits in New Jersey.

Baxter, the company, said in a statement that it has “worked closely with our employees to support and assist Sue in her recovery process.”

The company said it does not comment on ongoing litigation.