How to get a free ride with the Dollar General app

How to grab free ride from Dollar General. 

The dollar general app for iOS is now available to download on both Apple and Google Play, and you can find the app in the App Store and Google play stores now. 

For those of you who don’t have the free ride, you can always just buy a ticket at the door. 

You can buy a ride, even if you don’t live in New York, at a discount. 

If you want to get in, just enter the name of your preferred location and the number of tickets you want. 

They’ll then send you a QR code for the fare. 

If you don´t have the app yet, check out the app description  for the information. 

The free ride is available on both iOS and Android. 

As a bonus, the app offers a “pay what you want” option to make sure you get paid. 

Pay what you can are a great way to make your app even more valuable to customers. 

It lets you pay for the app and the app will do the rest. 

I personally have never seen anyone pay for anything other than a free trip. 

With the free rides, it´s pretty easy to get paid with the app, so you might want to make it a priority to get the app to your phone. 

Don’t get me wrong, the rides are pretty good. 

Even though it´ll take awhile, you’ll be able to earn more than $100 worth of free rides if you follow the steps outlined below. 

Step 1: Make a payment for the rides in the app. 

For example, let´s say you want a free flight from New York to Boston. 

Here’s how to do it. 

Open the app on your device, then select New App. 

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on the “Ride” button. 

Select the destination you want the flight from. 

Tap on the QR code in the top left corner of the screen. 

Your payment will be deducted from your account. 

In this case, it would be $10. 

To use the app again, simply select More From your Home screen and then tap on “Rides.” 

After the app is closed, you will receive a confirmation email from the company that you used your payment. 

At this point, the apps app is available on both platforms, so go ahead and get the free flight. 

Note: This is not an official release from the app developer, so don´T try and purchase rides from the developer. 

This is an example of how to purchase rides using the app without paying a dime. 

You can always purchase the app directly from the manufacturer or through a third-party. 

All you have to do is click on the Rides” button in the bottom left corner. 

And that’s it! 

You won’t be charged for the trip at all. 

What about using the free fare option? 

You could also try to purchase the ride from another app, such as GoFundMe or Donate to a charity. 

But if you decide to use this route, you still need to follow the same steps. 

First, you need to register for the free ride. 

Click here and fill out the required information.

Then, you need to make a payment.

 For a free ride, the payment will go directly to the app account.

And if you want more than just the free ride, the company will send you the actual fare at the end of the trip.

Now, you are done! 

The app will be able send you an email confirmation once you’ve purchased the free ticket. 

Once you have received the free tickets, you should get a notification that you are now eligible to use the free route. 

Just be sure to check your account for any other payments you have missed. 

That´s it!

You have now used the free trip from the Dollar Go Fund. 

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