What’s on Chick-fil and Why?

Chick-Fil-A, the American fast-food chain known for its spicy chicken sandwiches, is seeking an application to travel to Tanzania.

According to the Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs (DTMA), the application has been submitted by an individual who is applying to the country to take a “self-employed, short-term employment” visa.

The applicant’s employer would have to provide the visa holder with a current employment permit.

DTMA says the applicant will be required to have the necessary permits for travel to and from the country.

The visa holder would be required “to provide the requisite documents such as a passport, visa, and a driver’s licence”.

The application is not related to any specific event or incident, such as the death of the owner or the outbreak of a pandemic.

In addition to Chick-film, there are a number of other companies, including KFC and Subway, that have sought to visit Tanzania.

The company is seeking to make the trip to the African country, which is currently experiencing a severe food shortage.

The country has recently announced a national food plan which aims to eliminate the country’s food crisis.

The DTMA statement said that the visa application is currently being processed and that an initial decision would be made in the near future.

What to know about the outbreak: A pandemic is underway in Africa, affecting about 1.4 million people in 26 countries.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday that the outbreak is now under control in six countries.