Walmart, Target, Wal-Mart’s online application for Florida medicaid coverage

Wal-mart, Target and Wal-marts online application to get Florida medicadaid coverage could soon go live in the Sunshine State.

The new application, which will allow Florida residents to get health coverage without having to travel to a doctor, will be available to the public starting Wednesday.

It is part of the state’s healthcare overhaul, which was approved by voters last month.

In an effort to attract more people to the state, the government is requiring applicants to complete a 15-question online application.

That process will be more time consuming than filling out a paper form, which is often times more difficult, said Mike Sallinger, the department of public health’s lead on the implementation.

“We have a great idea of how many people will have to apply,” Sallingson said.

“This is just a pilot program.

We are not expecting to get it all done by the end of the week.

But, if it goes well, we are hoping to get an expansion of the pilot program.”

The new online application will be similar to the current one, but the process will require that people fill out a 10-question form, with questions like “Do you have a health insurance policy from another state that meets the requirements of this new application?”

Sallingerson said the department is still evaluating whether to move to a more traditional paper form.

“I don’t know how you do this,” he said.

A new online system will likely also require people to take a test that requires them to take an online quiz, something that could make it harder for people to use the service, he added.