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The letter from the University of New South Wales to applicants for an undergraduate degree in Computer Science (CS) will be the final step before they can apply for a place.

The application letter will include information on the degree, a short CV and an essay, which is expected to be submitted in the coming weeks.

The University of NSW will also provide a copy of the application form.

Students interested in applying for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences in Computer Engineering will also be required to take a written examination, which will be taken during the application process.

“Our CS department is committed to providing a high quality undergraduate degree that has a high impact on the future success of the student,” said the university’s Dean of Science, Dr Paul Chisholm.

“We have strong academic integrity and a very rigorous academic curriculum that has been aligned with the National Academic Standards (NAS) in all subjects and is a top performer in the university system.”CS students interested in an undergraduate study in Computer Systems Engineering are encouraged to apply early to the CS Department.

“The CS Department is working to bring more students to our program,” Dr Chisholl said.

“Over the next two years, we will be expanding our CS programs and we will also offer more courses and opportunities in the areas of computer science and engineering, including in-person training and in-residence training.”

The Bachelor of Computer Science in Software Engineering (BCSSE) is the first CS degree in the area, and offers a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Applications.

Students can choose between a Bachelor or Bachelor of Commerce degree, with a focus on applied research.

Students can apply by contacting the Computer Engineering Department at: students can also apply to the Computer Science and Engineering Department by contacting their Faculty of Science or Engineering, or the Graduate School.

Students wishing to apply to be a software engineer or a software developer can apply at

For more information, contact: