A new app gives you the chance to eat at the bar instead of at home

A new application lets you order from your phone while at the local bar.

The app, called Arby’s App, was developed by the same developers who developed the original Arbys app.

“The goal was to get people to want to get into restaurants, but also to get them to come to the bar,” said Matt Dufault, the chief operating officer of the San Francisco-based restaurant chain.

“We wanted to build something that could be a little bit more than a novelty.”

Dufault says Arby was born out of a desire to make more people want to go out to the bars and restaurants.

He says Arbys customers will be able to order food, drink beverages and watch a movie from their phone.

“We have a bunch of apps, and this is the first one that lets people do what we’ve always done,” Dufaults told CBC News.

“It’s just a new way to do it, so that’s the goal.”

The app also has a social aspect.

It can be used by friends to communicate and create groups.

Users can add people to their group, which is shared with everyone.

It also lets users share photos and videos, as well as share other information about their restaurant.

Dufaults says the app is free and it will be available to the public later this year.