Which of these four applications do you like best?

MSNBC’s Mike Allen asked respondents to choose which of four applications they think are most like the experience of a colleague or friend.

Allen then asked each person to pick the one application they would most like to work on, and then the four people from the poll would be asked to answer the same question.

The poll is designed to give respondents the chance to try the application and rate how well it performs on the same task.

Allen and his fellow MSNBC viewers were not satisfied with the results, so he decided to do something a little different.

He asked each respondent to rank the applications from most like their experience, least like their own, or a mix of both.

He then asked respondents a series of questions about the applications.

Allen asked participants to answer questions like, “How would you rate the ease of using the application, how would you describe the interface, and how would your friend or colleague rate your application?”

Allen also asked participants which application they thought was the most like having someone around.

The answers were: