How to Get an ID on the Checkout page of Taco Bell?

A reader sent in this tip, which explains how to get an ID that can be used on a checkout page at the fast-food chain.

This is similar to the trick the company has been using to get around restrictions on IDs, which are used to authorize transactions at the cash register.

The trick is to get a fake ID card with a picture of a person with a dog on it.

The ID card holder has to present a valid ID card to get into the store.

The reader also suggests using the QR code to get your ID in the first place.

A Taco Bell spokeswoman confirmed the tip to Vice News, but she declined to comment further.

If you use this trick, you might want to use it with your kids, or with people who don’t have IDs.

This is not the first time Taco Bell has used ID cards to get people in and out of the restaurant.

Earlier this year, a Taco Bell employee told a customer she had a fake photo ID that showed her name, address and date of birth.

Taco Bell has been testing the ID card trick since May, and has been encouraging people to try it.

But the company is encouraging people not to use the ID cards at the restaurant to avoid fraud. Read more