How to build an Amazon job application for Amazon job seekers

How to make your Amazon application for jobs from job boards and other sources.

 Here’s how.

First, go to a job board on the site and create a new application.

You can use the same job board to apply for multiple jobs on the same platform, as long as it’s on the exact same platform and the same company.

(If you’re using a different platform, you’ll need to create a separate application for each job.)

To make your application, you will need to select a job, and then click on the Create Job button.

The job you selected should be in the Amazon Business Search area, and the title and description should match the one you just created.

You can click the Edit button to edit the job title and a few other fields.

Here’s what you should get. 

The Amazon application you created looks like this. 

Now, click the Create button again.

This time, this is what the Amazon application should look like now. 

You can see that the job application’s title and job description match the job you created. 

But wait, what if you created a new job application with a different title and/or job description? 

That means you need to edit your existing application to match the new job title.

You’ll need a copy of your existing job application, but you’ll also need to make sure it matches the one that you just uploaded.

Here’s what to do.

If you have a job that’s not yet open, go back to the Amazon Application page and select the Job Title and Job Description tab.

The text field should look something like this: This should be the same title and text that you used when you created your Amazon job. 

Next, click on Edit to add a new title. 

Here are the job descriptions you should add to your application: If you did this, your job application will now look something similar to this:Now, select Edit Job Title in the Create List box. 

This is where you’ll enter the new title and summary for your new job.

Now, you need the exact job title for this job to be a unique title for Amazon’s job board. 

Make sure you’re adding it for the right company and that the title is in the same format as the job description.

You’ll also have to add an appropriate title for your job on the Amazon website and/an appropriate job description on the job board for the job.

Finally, you can click Edit Job to add the job to your Amazon Job Board, and you should see a new summary for the new application, along with a job title, title, and description. 

That’s it! 

Now that you’ve created a job application from job sites, you should be able to browse jobs in the app, which should look a lot like this, as shown in the screenshot below. 

And that’s it. 


You now have a simple, easy-to-use, and powerful way to build a new Amazon application from scratch. 

If there’s anything you need, feel free to reach out and ask!