How to Make Your Own DIY Artificial Fruit in a Few Minutes

We’re not going to go into great detail about the different methods for getting your own artificial fruit, but here are a few quick tips to get you started: Get some food to make the fruit.

We recommend making your own apple sauce (not the homemade one that comes in the box) in advance.

If you’re making a large batch, you can save some time by making it ahead of time and then adding it to the jar of fruit to make it easier to store and prepare.

You can also use a large container, such as a canning jar or a freezer bag, to store the fruit instead of a single container.

If it’s too hard to find a small canning container, you could always use a plastic bag instead.

Make sure to add water as you make the apple sauce.

You may have to add a small amount of water to the fruit, depending on the size of the jar you’re going to make.

Make a fruit saucer, or bowl, from a container.

This can make an excellent container to store any of the fruit you’re working with.

Fill the bowl with ice water and fill it with fruit.

This will help to make sure the fruit does not stick to the sides.

Let the fruit sit for at least 24 hours to allow the fruit to thicken.

When you’re ready to use the fruit in the next batch, use a sharp knife to slice it into a thin strip.

Use the fruit as a topping for a cake, salad, or any other fruit you’d like to serve it with.

The trick to serving this fruit is to make a thin, round cut on the side of the bowl and then spread it out on the top of a serving dish.

It will have a nice, round shape and it’s nice to see the fruit still intact after the dish is served.

You could even make the dish by rolling the fruit into a small cookie.

You’ll need to make this dish ahead of your next batch to allow for the fruit and other ingredients to marinate for a few days. Enjoy!