Fedex to hire 800 new workers as it downsets food delivery service

New data shows FedEx will be hiring 800 new employees this year, the company announced on Tuesday.

The company also said it will add 2,400 jobs in the next three years to its US food delivery and logistics workforce.

Fedex employs over 10 million people in the US, with around 1.5 million of them employed in the delivery and warehousing industries.

It operates more than 7,600 restaurants, hotels and restaurants around the US.

In an interview with ABC News, FedEx CEO Mike Fitzpatrick said the company is looking to increase its US workforce by 1.7 million jobs by 2020 and to “bring our total to over 12 million”.

“We will be expanding the delivery team to create jobs for our customers and for our associates who deliver to them,” he said.

Fitzpatrick added that the company would add around 700 jobs in food delivery, and “do more” in the warehousing industry.

He said he was also confident that the economy will be better off as a result of the proposed $1.6 trillion stimulus package.

The Federal Reserve has been considering whether to lift interest rates in response to the economy’s weak start to the year.

FedEx is one of many companies looking to hire more workers, with a number of companies reporting that they are already hiring.