When you can apply for the state’s unemployment benefits, now you can use a smartphone app!

In an effort to provide more employment opportunities to California’s struggling jobless, the state recently announced a new application process that allows users to upload their resume and cover letter and then submit their online application to apply for unemployment benefits.

The state has also added another application form, the California Job Application, that allows applicants to upload resumes and cover letters.

It’s the first time that applicants for unemployment assistance have been able to upload an online resume and a cover letter.

The online application process allows applicants with no previous experience in the field to upload the resume and apply for benefits, the California Department of Employment Development said in a statement.

“We are proud of our innovative application system that has created a streamlined and streamlined process for Californians who want to find work, but have been out of work for too long,” state Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, said in the statement.

California unemployment assistance is available to those who are unemployed for at least six months.

A job seeker who meets the eligibility requirements can be considered for unemployment aid based on a combination of their job search history, the type of work they are looking for and their state unemployment insurance program eligibility.