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The Jewish daily newspaper Haaretz published a list of applicants to apply for an online job at a discount supermarket in Jerusalem.

The list includes the head of the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem, the director of the Israel Democracy Institute, and a Jewish political party member, Haaretz reported.

The Jewish Daily Forward newspaper also reported on the list, citing a source with knowledge of the application process.

B’Tsolem was founded in 1993 by former members of the military intelligence and police forces and was instrumental in exposing the existence of the Mossad’s secret Israeli spy network.

Its list of candidates includes members of both the military and the police.

Haaretz reported that the newspaper did not disclose the names of any of the applicants.

A representative of B’Tssolem told Haaretz that the organization is not currently seeking any jobs.

The newspaper also noted that it had contacted several Jewish political parties, including the far-right National Union Party and the left-wing Yesh Atid, to find out who would be the next president of Israel.

The list was submitted by a member of the Knesset’s Culture and Tourism Committee, which oversees the selection process for jobs at Israel’s largest supermarket chain, Haifa.

In addition to the three people listed on the Haaretz list, two other individuals are also in the running for the job, Haetzel Ha’avar, who is a member in the Kfar Hanegev Regional Council, and Naftali Bennett, a former deputy speaker of Israel’s parliament.

The Knessetz Committee also confirmed that a second list was also submitted to the government by an individual from the local branch of the Rabbinical Council of America.

Haaretz cited the Rabbinic Council of the United States as the source for the list.