U.S. appeals court denies Texas request to halt new border fence

A federal appeals court in Austin, Texas, has rejected a Texas request for a temporary halt to construction of a fence along the U.N. border.

The U.C.L.A. School of Law said Tuesday the court is denying the Texas request and upholding a lower court ruling last month that the federal government can’t use the $1.6 billion project as a political tool to advance its agenda.

A temporary halt will remain in place until a decision is made on the merits of the case.

The court said the court will not address the issue of whether construction could interfere with the U,N.

refugee program or prevent U.

Ns from returning home.

A U.K. court earlier this month ruled the fence could not be halted.

U.B.C., a public interest law firm representing the state of Texas, had filed a motion to stop the project, saying it would harm U. S. citizens and businesses.

A federal judge in Austin said the state’s arguments did not show the fence was necessary for the protection of the border and could be used to advance a political agenda.

The judge also said the federal fence project was being built in the U.,N.


“We are very much concerned about the potential impact this project could have on the United Nations refugee program,” U.A., the U of A. school of law said in a statement Tuesday.

“It is our belief that the United States cannot lawfully place an impediment to a U. N. refugee resettlement program in Texas.”

The U,S.

Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit ruled in January that the Texas Department of Public Safety must approve the U-N project.

The Texas Department is currently in litigation with the government over the project.