Which celebrities are you looking forward to seeing in the next season of Dr. Phil?

Dr. Drew, the popular TV show about a neurosurgeon who goes undercover as a patient to find out how his patients live, is coming back to TV this fall.

The second season of the popular docuseries is set to air in the fall on NBCUniversal’s premium channel, which has been airing the series on TBS and other platforms for about a decade.

“Dr. Phil” premiered on NBC in 2003 and has been on TLC, the cable channel that includes such shows as “Dancing with the Stars,” “The Biggest Loser,” “Basketball Wives” and “The View.”

But the series has never been as popular as it is right now, with a record-breaking audience of more than 22 million people tuning in for its last season.

Here are some of the stars that we’re most looking forward for in the new season.


Adam Sandler Adam Sanderson, known for his comedy and role as Matt Groening’s character Dr. Horrible in “The Simpsons,” is set for a cameo appearance on Dr. Pennywise in the upcoming season.

The actor will appear as a guest star in “Dr, Phil,” which is scheduled to premiere Oct. 30 on NBC.


Chris Pine Chris Pine is set up to star in a new season of “Dr Phil,” and the actor is already looking forward.

“I love Dr. Who,” Pine told Variety earlier this year.

“We have that, and I think that’s a fantastic show.

But when it comes to Dr.

Phil, I’m not going to be the character.

I’m a doctor, and that’s what I do.

I just do my job.”


Nick Offerman Nick Offman is set as Dr. P, the doctor who is voiced by the late Richard Pryor in the NBC hit “I Love Dick” and has also appeared in movies including “Brick” and the HBO hit “Spartacus.”

Offerman is a well-known medical and scientific actor who has appeared in such films as “A Christmas Story,” “Pulp Fiction” and others.


David Duchovny David Dutovny is set and is set, as far as we know, to be a guest on Dr.

“Phil.” which is set in 2019, and he will play the role of Dr Phil.


Ben Stiller Ben Stilla, who starred as “Mad Men” executive producer Robert Downey Jr. on “The Sopranos” and is a frequent guest on the show, is set also to be on the big screen in the season premiere.


Jodie Foster Jodine Foster is set back in 2019 for “Dr.”

Phil.” as a new patient who has been diagnosed with cancer.

She is set on a new life with Dr. Philip in 2019.


Bill Murray Bill Murray is set by the end of the season to make his television debut as Dr P in the episode “The Best of Dr.”


Murray’s character has a different name than the one played by his co-star, who has also had cancer.

Murray has said he will not be making the return appearance he did in the previous season.


Meryl Streep Meryl Streep has had some serious cancer scares in the past.

9. “

The Great Gatsby” and other films were among the films that she recently starred in that she says have made her more confident in life.


James Corden James Cordy, the former CBS star, is a long-time supporter of Dr.-P.

“It’s been a long road, but I’m getting there,” Cordy told The Hollywood Reporter earlier this month.


Mandy Moore Mandy is set next to Dr Phil, a recurring guest on “Dr” Phil.

She plays a nurse on “Modern Family.”


John Goodman John Goodman is set with a recurring role on “Dance With the Stars” in 2019 and is expected to play Dr. Michael.


Robert Pattinson Robert Pattison, who is also an actor and producer, is also set to return for “D.P.I.,” but is not expected to appear on the new show.


Ellen DeGeneres Ellen DeGenres is set (along with her husband) for a new role as a nurse in 2019 on “Parks and Recreation.”


John Stamos John Stamov, who also has been featured in the TV show “The Office,” is also expected to return in 2019 as a recurring “Dr,” the series’ resident doctor.


Bill Hader Bill Hadaader is set-up to play the recurring role of “Doctor,” who is played by the current president of “The Apprentice” George Takei.


James Franco James Franco is set after his starring role in the film