How to apply for unemployment benefits in Florida

An unemployed man in North Carolina has applied for unemployment relief, but his application is stuck in the process.

Read more>>The man, who has a criminal history, said he needs unemployment benefits because he has been out of work for more than four years.

He said he was unemployed before he had an accident and his insurance covered most of the costs.

He said he had been laid off twice and is unable to work.

His wife was laid off and he can’t find work, he said.

His application for unemployment assistance was filed with the state unemployment agency in Fargo on Thursday.

He was able to get a new job on Friday.

He wants to work, but he has not received a single paycheck since being laid off, his attorney, Paul Sperry, said.

The North Carolina unemployment office has denied his application, citing a law that says a job applicant cannot be denied unemployment benefits based on criminal history.

Sperry said that the state’s unemployment program is not meant to benefit the person who is unemployed.

He has been living in a homeless shelter in Fargo since August.

He and his wife are working with local churches to make ends meet.