The Cuddle Buddy App: Why You Should Use It to Meet Your Cuddle Needs

What’s more important to you than your cuddling buddy?That’s right, it’s your heart, says CuddleFriendly founder, Adam Stiles.Stiles, who has spent his entire career building companies that make it easy for people to connect, share, and connect with people they […]

Walgreens jobs online application status

WALGOSWELL, Fla.(AP) An online job search tool for online employers is offering more than 1 million U.S. job postings.The company that created it says it has nearly 2.3 million job openings and has thousands of applicants looking for a position.The […]

Which Australian companies have been granted global entry or international employment?

NEW DELHI — In an unprecedented move, the World Bank has granted the largest number of visas for global entry and international employment since it was established in 1949.The agency has approved applications from 20 companies, including some in the […]