Apply for Naturalization Application for Your New Job with the USDA| ABC News

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md.— The federal government has launched a new application to naturalize American citizens.The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is offering applicants a $25 application fee, which includes the application form.The application is the first of its kind and […]

Petco to allow dual-status visa for pet owners with dual citizenship

Petco will begin allowing dual-citizenship for its pet owners, who will be required to show proof of citizenship to qualify for their pets’ benefits.The company said Tuesday it will begin issuing dual-resident pets to new pet owners starting Jan. 1.It […]

How to get your application approved for a passport application

article I don’t know why it took this long to get my application approved.My name is John and I’ve been a US citizen for almost 15 years.I have a dual citizenship with Canada, and a dual Canadian citizenship.I just got […]