Applebee’s ‘app that will allow you to go to a restaurant’ for free

Applebee and its parent company, the Applebee Corporation, are launching a new app to let people order from the restaurants and bars for free.Applebee’s App for Restaurant is available in Australia and New Zealand, the App Store and Google Play.It […]

How to apply for a New York visa: How to get a passport

The U.S. government has started issuing applications for a number of high-level jobs, including some with significant travel and hospitality connections to the country.The application process for those jobs has long been open to the public, but now the process […]

Why I’m not applying for an immigration visa

NEW YORK — The United States has officially opened its doors to applications for an undocumented immigrant visa.The application process was completed Monday.U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a statement that applicants must complete an online questionnaire and submit […]