How to apply for an emergency loan to pay for dental and eye surgery

A $7,000 emergency loan that you can use to pay your dentist’s bills is now open in Texas.You don’t have to pay it back until the next business day.The Texas Health Insurance Commission on Wednesday filed an application with the […]

Dunkin Donuts to close its Dunkin’ Donuts locations in Atlanta and New York after a major food safety breach

CNN Food is reporting that Dunkin donut chains Dunkin Brands LLC and Dunkin Enterprises LLC have reached an agreement with the city of Atlanta to close their DunkinDonuts, Dickey Donuts and Dickey’s locations in the metro Atlanta area.The agreement will […]

Why I’m not applying for an immigration visa

NEW YORK — The United States has officially opened its doors to applications for an undocumented immigrant visa.The application process was completed Monday.U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a statement that applicants must complete an online questionnaire and submit […]